Guggul Capsule, 500mg, 60 Capsules

(Lipid and Cardiac Wellness Capsules)

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Guggul Capsule: Lipid and Cardiac Wellness Capsules
Guggul Capsules Benefits
Guggul Capsule Ingredients List and Details
Who Can Benefit from Guggul Capsule
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Guggul Capsule, 500mg, 60 Capsules

(Lipid and Cardiac Wellness Capsules)

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Description of Guggul Capsule

Guggul capsules are a popular herbal supplement derived from the resin of the Commiphora wightii tree, commonly known as Guggul. This tree is native to India and has been a staple in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries. The resin is carefully harvested, purified, and then encapsulated to create a convenient and potent supplement.

Guggul capsules are typically standardized to contain specific concentrations of active compounds, such as guggulsterones, which are responsible for many of their health benefits.

  • Benefits

    Guggul capsules are a powerhouse of natural healing, offering a wide array of health benefits:
    Benefits of Giloy Guggul Capsule
    Cholesterol Management: Guggul's most well-known benefit is its remarkable ability to manage cholesterol levels. Guggulsterones, the active compounds in Guggul, have been found to inhibit the production of cholesterol in the liver and promote the metabolism of LDL (bad) cholesterol. This dual action not only lowers overall cholesterol levels but also improves the ratio of LDL to HDL (good) cholesterol, thus reducing the risk of heart disease.
    Lipid Metabolism Disorder Management: Individuals with lipid metabolism disorders often struggle with imbalances in their lipid profile. Guggul can help restore this balance by regulating the metabolism of fats in the body. This not only addresses the underlying issue but also lowers the risk of complications associated with lipid metabolism disorders, such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease.
    Anti-Inflammatory Properties: Guggul contains potent anti-inflammatory compounds that can help alleviate various inflammatory conditions. It's particularly beneficial for individuals suffering from conditions like gout, rheumatism, and arthritis. By reducing inflammation, Guggul can ease joint pain and improve mobility, enhancing the quality of life for those affected by these conditions.
    Weight Management: Guggul capsules play a role in supporting weight management and healthy weight loss. The active compounds stimulate the thyroid gland, which, in turn, helps boost metabolism. This increase in metabolic rate aids in burning excess fat, making it beneficial for individuals looking to shed pounds in a natural and holistic way.
    Antioxidant Properties: Guggul possesses antioxidant properties, helping to combat free radicals in the body. This antioxidant action not only contributes to overall health but also supports the body's defense against chronic diseases and premature aging.
    Liver Health: Guggul has been shown to have a protective effect on the liver. It helps detoxify the liver and improve its overall function, which is essential for maintaining overall health and well-being.
    Digestive Health: Guggul can also aid in digestion by stimulating the secretion of digestive juices and enzymes. This can be particularly beneficial for individuals who experience digestive discomfort or sluggish digestion.
    Menstrual Health: Some women find relief from menstrual irregularities and discomfort through the use of Guggul. It can help regulate the menstrual cycle and reduce symptoms like bloating and cramping.
    Skin Health: Guggul's anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties extend to skin health. It may help manage skin conditions like acne and eczema by reducing inflammation and promoting a clearer complexion.
    Mental Well-Being: Some Ayurvedic practitioners believe that Guggul can have a calming effect on the mind, contributing to mental well-being. While more research is needed in this area, its potential role in promoting a balanced mood is noteworthy.

  • Ingredients

    Guggul capsules primarily contain Guggul resin (Commiphora wightii) as their main active ingredient. This resin is rich in essential compounds, including:
    Guggul Capsule Ingredients List and Details
    Guggulsterones: These bioactive compounds are the stars of Guggul resin. They help lower cholesterol levels, reduce inflammation, and support weight management by influencing liver function and cholesterol metabolism.
    Myrrhanol: Another important compound with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, contributing to Guggul's overall health benefits.
    Flavonoids and Polyphenols: These antioxidants combat free radicals, protecting cells from damage and reducing the risk of chronic diseases.
    Gum and Resin Fractions: Guggul resin is a complex mixture of gum and resin fractions, each with unique properties.
    Essential Oils: Though present in smaller quantities, essential oils add to Guggul's distinct aroma and potential therapeutic effects.

  • Clinical Trials

    Studies on whether guggul can lower cholesterol levels are mixed. read more...

    Googling the Guggul (Commiphora and Boswellia) for Prevention of Chronic Diseases read more...

    Pharmacology and Phytochemistry of Oleo-Gum Resin of Commiphora wightii (Guggulu) read more...

    Guggul for hyperlipidemia: A review by the Natural Standard Research Collaboration read more...

    Therapeutic Effects of Guggul and Its Constituent Guggulsterone: Cardiovascular Benefits read more...

    Pharmacology and Phytochemistry of Oleo-Gum Resin of Commiphora wightii (Guggulu) read more...

    Bioactive constituents from gum guggul (Commiphora wightii)

    Metabolic profiling of Commiphora wightii (guggul) reveals a potential source for pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals read more...

    Phytochemistry of Guggul (Commiphora wightii): A Review

  • Who Can Benefit

    Guggul capsules offer potential benefits for various individuals:

    Who Can Benefit from Guggul Capsule

    High Cholesterol: Guggul is ideal for those with high LDL cholesterol or those aiming to improve their lipid profile. Consult a healthcare professional if you're on cholesterol-lowering medications.
    Inflammatory Conditions: Guggul is suitable for managing arthritis, rheumatism, and gout by reducing pain and inflammation.
    Weight Management: Guggul may support weight management by boosting metabolism and aiding fat breakdown. Always consult a healthcare provider for weight management guidance.
    Lipid Metabolism Disorders: Guggul helps manage disorders like dyslipidemia, reducing cardiovascular risks. Consult a healthcare professional for personalized advice.
    Antioxidant Support: Guggul's antioxidants benefit overall health and reduce the risk of chronic diseases linked to oxidative stress.
    Digestive Support: Guggul aids digestion by stimulating digestive juices and enzymes, making it useful for those with digestive discomfort.
    Menstrual Irregularities: Guggul may regulate menstrual cycles and reduce bloating and cramping.
    Skin Health: Guggul's anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties can help manage skin conditions like acne and eczema.

  • Vitamins and Minerals

    Guggul capsules primarily focus on delivering the therapeutic benefits of Guggul resin and its bioactive compounds, such as guggulsterones, myrrhanol, flavonoids, and polyphenols. However, it's important to note that Guggul capsules are not typically a significant source of vitamins and minerals.
    Calcium: Guggul resin contains small amounts of calcium, which is essential for strong bones and teeth, muscle function, and nerve transmission.
    Phosphorus: Phosphorus is another trace element found in Guggul resin. It plays a crucial role in bone health, energy metabolism, and cell structure.
    Magnesium: Magnesium, though present in limited amounts, is important for muscle function, nerve transmission, and maintaining heart rhythm.
    Potassium: Guggul resin contains trace amounts of potassium, which is vital for maintaining proper fluid balance, nerve function, and muscle contraction.


    BODYWELL Guggul Capsules are a standout choice for several key reasons:
    Why BODYWELL Ayush Guggul Capsule
    Quality Assurance: BODYWELL sources high-quality Guggul resin, ensuring purity and potency.
    Rigorous Standards: They maintain strict quality control standards, guaranteeing consistent active compound concentrations.
    Transparency: BODYWELL provides transparent information on ingredients, dosages, and potential benefits.
    Dosage Guidance: Clear dosage instructions help users achieve safe and effective results.
    Educational Resources: They offer valuable educational materials to empower users in their wellness journey.
    Positive Feedback: Satisfied customers have reported improved health outcomes with BODYWELL Guggul Capsules.
    Trustworthy Brand: Their commitment to quality and transparency builds trust and credibility.
    Customer Support: Responsive customer support ensures a positive user experience.
    Choosing BODYWELL Guggul Capsules reflects a commitment to quality, trust, and effective supplementation.

  • How to Use

    How to Use / Dosage Guggul Capsule
    The recommended daily dosage of Guggul capsules typically ranges from 500mg to 1000mg, as specified on the product label. Always follow the instructions provided.
    Timing: Guggul capsules are often taken with meals to enhance absorption and minimize digestive discomfort. Dividing the dose throughout the day helps maintain consistent levels in the bloodstream.

  • FAQs

    Q1: What is the primary active compound in Guggul capsules responsible for cholesterol management?
    Answer: The primary active compounds responsible for cholesterol management in Guggul capsules are guggulsterones.

    Q2: How can Guggul capsules benefit individuals with inflammatory conditions like arthritis?
    Answer: Guggul's anti-inflammatory properties can help reduce pain and inflammation associated with conditions like arthritis.

    Q3: Are Guggul capsules a significant source of vitamins and minerals?
    Answer: No, Guggul capsules are not a significant source of vitamins and minerals; their primary value lies in their bioactive compounds.

    Q4: Who should consult a healthcare professional before using Guggul capsules?
    Answer: It's advisable for individuals with specific health concerns, those taking medications, pregnant or nursing women, and those with underlying medical conditions to consult a healthcare professional before using Guggul capsules.

    Q5: How can Guggul capsules support weight management?
    Answer: Guggul capsules may support weight management by boosting metabolism and aiding in fat metabolism.

    Q6: What role do guggulsterones play in Guggul capsules?
    Answer: Guggulsterones are key bioactive compounds in Guggul capsules that help lower LDL cholesterol and increase HDL cholesterol levels.

    Q7: What should individuals consider when choosing a Guggul supplement?
    Answer: When choosing a Guggul supplement, individuals should consider factors like quality sourcing, dosage guidance, transparency, and brand reputation.

    Q8: What is the recommended timing for taking Guggul capsules?
    Answer: Guggul capsules are often taken with meals to enhance absorption and reduce the risk of digestive discomfort.

    Q9: Can Guggul capsules be used for skin health?
    Answer: Yes, Guggul's anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties may benefit skin health, helping manage conditions like acne and eczema.

    Q10: How should individuals monitor their progress when using Guggul capsules for specific health goals?
    Answer: Individuals can monitor their progress by regularly assessing relevant health markers, such as cholesterol levels, and consulting with a healthcare provider for guidance and tests.

    Product Code GUG-C-500-IM
    Product Name Guggul Capsule
    Serving Size: 1 Veg. Capsule
    Net content: 60 Veg. Capsules
    Each capsule contains:
    Common Name Latin Name Part used Qty.(mg)
    Guggul Commiphora mukul (St. Ext.) 500 mg
    Excipients: Q.S.
    Preservatives: Sodium benzoate IP
    Shelf Life 2 Years
    Item Form Capsule
    Net Quantity 60
    Manufacturer Details Uma Ayurvedics Pvt. Ltd. Village - Kachaura (Hatras) UP-204211, BHARAT (INDIA) Lic No. A -3243/2001
    Country Of Origin BHARAT (INDIA)
    Marketer Details G 172, G Block, Sector 63, Noida, 201301, Uttar Pradesh, BHARAT (INDIA)
    Product Dimension 5.5x5.5x10
    Product Barcode 8908020915170
    Brand Name BODYWELL® Ayurveda

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Guggul Capsule: Lipid and Cardiac Wellness Capsules
Guggul Capsules Benefits
Guggul Capsule, 500mg, 60 Capsules
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