Kashmir Saffron / Kashmiri Kesar / Keshar, 1g

(Highest Quality, Kashmiri Mongra Saffron)

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Kesar: Kashmiri Mongra Saffron
Benefits of Kesar
Kesar Ingredients List and Details
Who Can Benefit from Kesar
How to Use / Dosage Kesar

Kashmir Saffron / Kashmiri Kesar / Keshar, 1g

(Highest Quality, Kashmiri Mongra Saffron)

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Description of Kesar (Saffron)

Kesar, or Saffron, is a spice known for its distinctive crimson threads, which are the dried stigmas of the Crocus sativus flower. Each thread is hand-picked and represents a labor-intensive process. The spice imparts a rich, golden-yellow hue and a subtle floral aroma to dishes. Kesar has a history dating back thousands of years, with roots in Indian Ayurvedic medicine and traditional cuisines worldwide.

  • Benefits

    Benefits of Kesar
    Kesar, or Saffron, is a remarkable spice with a wide array of benefits, making it a valuable addition to your diet and lifestyle. Here's a more comprehensive look at its advantages:
    Antioxidant Powerhouse: Kesar is a potent source of antioxidants, including carotenoids, such as crocin and crocetin, and other compounds like safranal. These antioxidants help neutralize harmful free radicals in the body, reducing oxidative stress and protecting cells from damage. By doing so, Kesar contributes to overall well-being and may play a role in preventing chronic diseases.
    Saffron during Pregnancy: Pregnant women can benefit from Kesar in moderation. It aids digestion and can alleviate nausea and morning sickness, making it a natural remedy for digestive discomfort during pregnancy. Additionally, its ability to stabilize mood can help manage emotional fluctuations, common during pregnancy.
    Mood Enhancement: Kesar has been traditionally used as a natural mood enhancer. Its active compounds may boost the production of certain neurotransmitters, such as serotonin, in the brain. This can lead to an improved sense of well-being and reduced symptoms of mild depression and anxiety.
    Cancer-fighting Properties: Some preliminary studies suggest that Kesar may possess anti-cancer properties. Its compounds have shown potential in inhibiting the growth of cancer cells and inducing apoptosis (programmed cell death) in various cancer types. However, further research is needed to confirm these effects and determine the optimal therapeutic use.
    Reduced PMS Symptoms: Women experiencing premenstrual syndrome (PMS) may find relief in Kesar. It can help alleviate mood swings, irritability, and abdominal cramps. Its calming effects on the nervous system can make the menstrual cycle more manageable.
    Aphrodisiac: Ayurveda has long regarded Kesar as an aphrodisiac, capable of enhancing libido and sexual performance. Its ability to improve blood circulation and stimulate the release of pleasure-inducing hormones contributes to its reputation in this regard.
    Appetite Suppression: Kesar may help reduce appetite and control food cravings. This can be beneficial for those looking to manage their weight and avoid overeating. It's important to note that while Kesar can assist with appetite regulation, it should be used as part of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.
    Heart Health: Regular consumption of Kesar may lower the risk factors associated with heart disease. It can help reduce cholesterol levels, especially LDL (bad) cholesterol, and lower blood pressure. These effects contribute to improved cardiovascular health.
    Blood Sugar Regulation: Some studies suggest that Kesar may help regulate blood sugar levels, making it potentially beneficial for individuals with diabetes. It may enhance insulin sensitivity and reduce fasting blood sugar levels, although more research is necessary to establish its full efficacy in diabetes management.
    Eyesight and Memory: Kesar contains carotenoids like crocin, which have been linked to improved eyesight and memory, particularly in older adults with Alzheimer's disease. These compounds may protect the retina and support cognitive function.

  • Ingredients

    Kesar Ingredients List and Details
    Kesar (Saffron) is a spice renowned not only for its vibrant color and unique flavor but also for its complex and beneficial chemical composition. The key bioactive compounds and nutrients found in Kesar include:
    Crocin: This water-soluble carotenoid is responsible for Kesar's intense red color. Crocin is a potent antioxidant that helps protect cells from damage caused by free radicals. It also contributes to Kesar's ability to enhance mood and alleviate depressive symptoms by influencing the release of neurotransmitters like serotonin.
    Crocetin: Another carotenoid, crocetin, is a fat-soluble compound found in Kesar. It possesses antioxidant properties and may play a role in the potential cancer-fighting effects of saffron. Crocetin is also thought to have a positive impact on heart health by reducing cholesterol levels.
    Safranal: Safranal is the compound responsible for Kesar's characteristic aroma and flavor. Beyond its sensory qualities, safranal has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It may contribute to mood improvement by modulating neurotransmitter activity in the brain.
    Vitamins: Kesar contains essential vitamins, including vitamin A and vitamin C. Vitamin A supports vision and immune function, while vitamin C is a potent antioxidant that boosts the immune system and promotes healthy skin.
    Minerals: Kesar provides essential minerals like potassium and manganese. Potassium is crucial for maintaining proper heart function and blood pressure regulation, while manganese supports various metabolic processes in the body.
    Phytochemicals: Besides the well-known compounds, Kesar contains a range of other phytochemicals, including terpenes, flavonoids, and phenolic compounds. These substances contribute to the overall antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects of saffron.
    Fiber: Kesar contains dietary fiber, which can aid digestion and promote a feeling of fullness when consumed as part of a balanced diet.
    It's important to note that the concentration of these compounds can vary depending on the quality and source of saffron. High-quality saffron with a strong aroma, vibrant color, and a higher proportion of these bioactive compounds is generally more desirable for culinary and therapeutic use.

  • Clinical Trials

    The effects of Crocus sativus (saffron) and its constituents on nervous system: A review read more...

    Saffron (Crocus sativus L.): As an Antidepressant

    Effects of Saffron Extract Supplementation on Mood, Well-Being, and Response to a Psychosocial Stressor in Healthy Adults: A Randomized, Double-Blind, Parallel Group, Clinical Trial read more...

    Saffron is a triploid (3n) and sterile herb propagated naturally by corms, originated from mother corms. read more...

    Saffron; An updated review on biological properties with special focus on cardiovascular effects read more...

    Saffron, Potential Health Benefits

    Saffron for Teenage Moodiness? The Evidence Is Immature

    How Saffron Could Benefit Your Health

  • Who Can Benefit

    Who Can Benefit from Kesar
    Kesar (Saffron) offers versatile benefits for:
    Pregnant Women: Aids digestion and mood stability (with healthcare provider guidance).
    Mood Disorders: Helps with mild mood disorders like anxiety and mild depression.
    PMS Relief: Alleviates PMS symptoms, including mood swings and cramps.
    Aphrodisiac: Enhances libido and sexual vitality.
    Weight Management: Reduces appetite and aids in weight management.
    Heart Health: Lowers cholesterol and regulates blood pressure.
    Blood Sugar Control: Assists in blood sugar regulation (consult with healthcare provider).
    Cognitive Support: Supports eyesight and memory in older adults.
    Remember to use Kesar in moderation and seek professional advice for specific health concerns or during pregnancy.

  • Vitamins and Minerals

    Kesar, or Saffron, is a treasure trove of essential nutrients:
    Vitamin A: Promotes healthy vision and immune function.
    Vitamin C: Boosts immunity and supports skin health.
    Vitamin B6: Essential for cognitive health and neurotransmitter production.
    Potassium: Maintains heart health and regulates blood pressure.
    Manganese: Supports metabolism, bone health, and antioxidant defenses.


    Why BODYWELL Kesar
    BODYWELL Kesar (Saffron) is your top choice because:
    Premium Quality: They source the finest saffron threads with vibrant color and aroma.
    Purity Guaranteed: You get 100% pure saffron, free from contaminants or additives.
    Ethical Sourcing: They prioritize sustainability and respect for local communities.
    Transparent Labeling: Clear, accurate labeling helps you make informed choices.
    Customer Satisfaction: They focus on meeting and exceeding customer needs.
    Support and Resources: BODYWELL offers valuable information for saffron users.
    With BODYWELL Kesar, you can trust in the quality and authenticity of your saffron, whether for culinary or health purposes.

  • How to Use

    How to Use / Dosage Kesar
    Using Kesar (Saffron) effectively involves understanding its dosage and various methods of incorporation:
    Culinary Use: Kesar is a versatile spice that can enhance a wide range of dishes. It's commonly used in rice dishes (like biryani), desserts (like saffron milk or kheer), and in marinades for meat or seafood. Typically, a pinch (about 10-15 strands) of saffron is sufficient to infuse flavor and color into a dish serving 4-6 people.
    Saffron Tea: To make saffron tea, steep a few strands of Kesar in hot water or milk for about 10-15 minutes. This can be a soothing and aromatic beverage, especially during cold or stressful times.
    Dosage for Health Benefits: If you are using Kesar for its potential health benefits, such as mood enhancement, PMS relief, or blood sugar regulation, it's essential to be mindful of the dosage. Consult with a healthcare provider or Ayurvedic practitioner for personalized recommendations, as the appropriate dosage can vary depending on the specific health concern and individual factors.
    Pregnancy and Dosage: Pregnant women should use Kesar with caution and under the guidance of a healthcare professional. Excessive saffron consumption during pregnancy is not recommended, as it may lead to uterine contractions.
    Safety Precautions: Kesar is generally safe when used in culinary amounts. However, excessive consumption can lead to adverse effects, including gastrointestinal discomfort. If you are taking saffron in supplement form or for medicinal purposes, always follow the recommended dosage and consult with a healthcare provider to ensure safety.
    Quality Matters: Ensure that you are using high-quality saffron, like BODYWELL Kesar, to get the best flavor and benefits from your saffron-infused dishes and beverages.

  • FAQs

    Q1: What is Kesar, also known as Saffron?
    A1: Kesar, also known as Saffron, is a spice derived from the dried stigmas of the Crocus sativus flower, known for its vibrant color, unique flavor, and medicinal properties.

    Q2: What are the primary benefits of Kesar (Saffron)?
    A2: Kesar offers a range of benefits, including mood enhancement, potential cancer-fighting properties, relief from PMS symptoms, appetite suppression, improved heart health, blood sugar regulation, and support for eyesight and memory.

    Q3: How does Kesar improve mood and treat depressive symptoms?
    A3: Kesar may enhance mood and alleviate depressive symptoms by influencing neurotransmitters like serotonin, thanks to compounds like crocin and safranal.

    Q4: Can Kesar be used during pregnancy?
    A4: Yes, in moderation, Kesar can be used during pregnancy to aid digestion, manage mood swings, and alleviate morning sickness.

    Q5: What is the significance of Kesar's antioxidant properties?
    A5: Kesar's antioxidant properties help the body combat free radicals and oxidative stress, contributing to overall health and well-being.

    Q6: Who can benefit from Kesar's aphrodisiac properties?
    A6: Kesar's aphrodisiac properties can benefit couples seeking to enhance libido and sexual vitality.

    Q7: How does Kesar aid in weight loss?
    A7: Kesar may help with weight loss by reducing appetite and aiding in portion control when incorporated into a balanced diet.

    Q8: What is the role of Kesar in heart health?
    A8: Kesar can help reduce risk factors for heart disease, including cholesterol levels and blood pressure.

    Q9: Can Kesar be beneficial for individuals with diabetes?
    A9: Kesar has shown potential in regulating blood sugar levels and may be beneficial for individuals with diabetes when used appropriately.

    Q10: How should individuals interested in using Kesar for specific benefits consult with a healthcare professional?
    A10: It's advisable to consult with a healthcare professional or Ayurvedic practitioner for personalized recommendations on Kesar usage, considering individual health needs and goals.

    Product Code KES-T-500-SW
    Product Name Kesar
    Each 1.0 g Contains: Net content: 1 g
    Common name Latin name Part used Quantity
    Kesar Crocus sativus (Stl./Stg.) 1000 mg
    Shelf Life 2 Years
    Item Form Thread
    Net Quantity 1g
    Packed By A.S Impex, Namblabal Pampore, Pulwama, 192121, J&K, BHARAT (INDIA)
    Marketer Details G 172, G Block, Sector 63, Noida, 201301, Uttar Pradesh, BHARAT (INDIA)
    FSSAI Number 12723999000534
    Country Of Origin BHARAT (INDIA)
    Product Dimension 9.2x9.2x9.4
    Product Barcode 8908020915231
    Brand Name BODYWELL® Ayurveda

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